My name is Guilherme Monteiro Pereira, also known as Konan and I'm a Self-Learning Software Developer.

I have always had been really curious, researching ideas that interest me and that got me into programming.

I love the tech world and I'm always learning new things while working in projects.


A website I made as my portfolio with React, NextJS and Material UI

Tech Used:
React, Material UI, NextJS

A website I made So I can post my articles using NextJS and styled-components

Tech Used:
React, styledComponents, NextJS

A website made to use the pomodoro technique with a game felling, gain xp and level up!

Tech Used:
Typescript, React, NextJS

A backend application made to calculate a company's NPS. (Net Promoter Score)

Tech Used:
Typescript, Express, Typeorm, sqlite3

A Script I made using python to automate the process of starting a project

Tech Used:
Python, Bash

A script I made with python to download animes faster

Tech Used:


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